Our Programs

Our programs are designed for students to succeed.


Our Goal

Enable students to achieve success, reach their potential and develop essential skills in a creative, innovative and resourceful way, through differentiated opportunities.

Our Programs

The teaching and learning program is designed for students to succeed. Quality teaching and engaged learners are fundamental to the success of our students.  Mount Hawthorn Primary School is an Instructional Intelligences (II) school, where teachers deliver best practice programs to maximise learning. Using cooperative learning strategies and thinking tools, students are prepared as life-long learners for a world that values interpersonal skills, social competence and high achievement.

The quality teaching programs are collaboratively developed within Phases of Learning teams. They are data-driven, resourced appropriately and enhanced by technology. Staff monitor the performance of students to assess what has been learnt and the strategies they have developed for independent and future learning.

Our school community believes in giving every child the opportunity to be a successful learner within the context of their unique talent. Specialist teachers from Instrumental Music School Services complement the school’s music program, instructing selected students from Years 3-6 in string, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. Students are also offered the opportunity to become members of the school’s band, orchestra and choir.

Early Childhood

Margaret Kindergarten

The Kindergarten program (15 hours per week) is delivered over five full days a fortnight at Richmond Street Leederville. Kindergarten is non-compulsory, however, regular attendance and engagement with the program support greater outcomes and readiness for full-time schooling the following year. The curriculum has a strong focus on pre-literacy and numeracy skills as well as health and wellbeing through physical and social experiences. Each classroom is purpose-built with a maximum capacity of twenty children in each group. An active P&C and community continue to support the Kindy to develop the nature playspace project and other capital works projects to continuously update and provide a learning environment that is engaging, comfortable, stimulating and developmentally appropriate. Access to a Speech Therapist and Early Intervention team supports children and families to access additional resources to assist with learning challenges. Every class is managed by an Early Childhood teacher and Assistant. We are committed to play-based intentional teaching practices that build confidence, resilience, independence and essential knowledge and skills in our youngest yet most enthusiastic learners.

Pre-primary to Year 2

Our collaborative and experienced staff focus on the whole child, supporting them to achieve a foundation knowledge in literacy, numeracy and across all areas of the curriculum. ECE is where our school values and focus on the skills that enable students to enjoy their schooling experience really takes off!

The introduction of ICT, Science Inquiry and now STEM help to really make sure our students enjoy a diverse experience.

Specialist Programs

We offer full-time programs delivered by experienced staff in Visual Arts, Physical Education, LOTE – Italian, Library and Music across PP-6. During the year our programs contribute to many local and statewide events helping to connect our students with real learning experiences. Specialist teachers from Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) complement our music program for children in Years 3 to 6 in string, brass, woodwind and percussion. Students are also offered the opportunity to become members of our school’s band, orchestra and choir.

Instrumental Music Opportunities at Mount Hawthorn