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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

26 March 2020

You may have heard new announcements today about Government schools. New learning arrangements will be introduced to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic.
In summary: The State Government have urged families to now keep children at home if they can.

  • From Monday, March 30 to Friday April 3, all students who attend school will continue to be taught. However, parents are encouraged to keep them home and they can access online and other learning resources provided by class teachers and also the Department.
  • Teachers and education assistants will use the final four days before Easter April 6 to 9 to prepare for Term 2.
  • During this period, if students need to attend school, they will be supervised. No learning programs for the students as it is early school holidays.

We will provide more clarity about this in the near future. Essentially though students who ‘have’ to attend will be supervised, not taught. They will access the on-line/home learning packages prepared by our staff.
Parents while we provide learning packages at the relevant times please remember this is totally new territory for all of us. In the scheme of things what really matters most is to keep your families healthy and happy.
In light of today’s announcements if parents would like to collect student belongings you may visit classrooms between 3.15 -3.45pm today or alternatively between 8.15-.845am tomorrow morning. Please ensure you enforce correct hygiene and social distances.
In this difficult time for all of us with the ongoing and devastating impact of COVID-19, it is now more important than ever that we support each other as a community. This has been a very difficult issue for many parents. We are all together in this and need to be respectful of different family circumstances and needs. I will continue to work with my staff on the implementation of this new form of delivery.

I was asked to give parents some guidance on what they are expected to do with the children prior to the holiday commencing.

My advice is simple:

  • Love them as you do unconditionally.
  • Set up structures and stick to them.
  • Read with them and get them reading.
  • Look at the online links for parents.
  • Eat dinner together as a family and talk about different topics and include a sparkling moment each day.

My boys are 20 and 21 and lost their jobs on Sunday. My wife Heather and I see it as a chance to reconnect as a family unit and possibly show them how to paint and garden.
I can’t tell you what the immediate future will look like, however I give you the commitment that our team will be exploring all options about delivering the curriculum next term, health permitting.
We live in the best of places in the best of times and as a school community we will face the challenges head on and come out the other side.

I want to thank parents for their understanding and support of our school staff as we navigate our way together through this unprecedented situation.
Please also e-mail queries to MountHawthorn.PS@education.wa.edu.au and we will then send a response to all in the next update.

The Department of Education has a Learning at home link that provides a range of great resources, activities and information to help children continue to learn while at home.

Dale Mackesey – Principal