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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

29 April 2020

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Pick Up and drop Off Update

We had a fabulous first day back with a mostly “business as usual” school day. I would like to thank parents, grandparents and others for your support today. The new drop off and pick up arrangements went really well. After our first day, please find some additional information to fine tune further.

If you are dropping off or picking up Year 1 or 2 students, please use the Killarney Street entrance. Ms Pitsikas today outlined to parents the “notional fence” which parents can drop off or wait from.

Kindy parents with a Year 1 or 2 student, please exit school and then walk to Killarney Street entrance for a 2.45pm pick up or if you prefer 3.00pm.

Parents who have older children and a Year 1 or 2 should encourage older student to come to the Tiger Turf to join their sibling, then come to parent waiting at “notional fence” (this would mean Year 1 and 2 child finish in second wave at 3.00pm, make sure the class teacher knows.)

We also received a lot of positive feedback from staff about our senior students walking independently, taking responsibility for your younger students and helping out where possible and Mr T was very impressed with parents bringing groups of students, to help minimise numbers required to come to school gates.

Underpinning all of our planning is to ensure social distancing between adults is in place at school. To address this, we have staggered start and finish times, drop offs and pick-ups of children (quickly) at designated areas. Parents please do not walk through school to collect other children unless you have been given special permission from a member of the Administration team.

Again, thank you parents for your tremendous efforts on our first day back.

If you have any concerns please email the class teacher or email MountHawthorn.PS@education.wa.edu.au

27 April 2020

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The school has staggered and extended start and finish times, to minimise the numbers on site in the mornings and afternoons.  Please note the Kiss & Ride will open at 2.45pm for younger children, close at 3.00pm and then open again at 3.10pm for the second wave of children to be collected.

It would be great if you can outline briefly the new drop off and pick up arrangements to your child to help tomorrow go smoothly.  We have planned a cautious and considered approach, but we are aware this may require further modifications.  We will ensure you are updated accordingly.  Please email the class teacher or MountHawthorn.PS@education.wa.edu.au  if you require further information.

Thank you.

Following is information about different Year levels:


Kindy (Richmond Street) – Green, Blue and Orange

Drop off 8:30 – 9:30 – staggered entry

Formal learning commences at 9.30am

Collect from 2:20 – 2:45 – staggered collection.

Please inform classroom teacher as per usual of pick up arrangements if different from previous.

Kindy (main school site) Purple/Yellow

Drop off at classroom 8:30 – 9:30 – staggered entry from oval side entry only.

Formal learning commences at 9.30am

Collect from classroom 2:20 – 2:45 – staggered collection from oval side entry only.

Please inform classroom teacher as per usual of pick up arrangements if different from previous.
E.g. (another parent, older sibling)

Please inform class teacher if you are going to access the “Kiss & Ride’ process and require your child to be delivered and supervised at the kiss n ride from 2:45pm

Please send through Seesaw advising of who and how your child will be collected. Thank you.


Drop off directly to classroom door from 8:30 – 9:15 for staggered entry. Playground area will be closed before and after school.

Formal learning commences at 9.15am

Collection options from 2:30pm-3:00pm

1: Collect directly from classroom from 2:30pm to 3:00pm. (face-face handover).  Please advise who is the person collecting (e.g. another parent, older sibling).

2: Session 1: Kiss & Ride 2:45pm.   Please advise if you require your child to be delivered and supervised at the Kiss & Ride from 2:45pm

3: Session 2: Kiss & Ride 3:10pm. Please advise if your child is required to be delivered and supervised at the Kiss n drop with an older sibling from 3:00pm – 3:10pm

Any students attending OSCA will be collected directly from the classroom from 3:00pm as per usual.

Please send through Seesaw advising of who and how your child will be collected. Thank you.


Drop off – Classrooms will be open at 8.30am with formal learning commencing at 9:00am.

Drop off at on the Tiger Turf.  There will be designated signage for your child’s class.

Please use Kiss & Ride or drop your child to the designated area at tiger turf.

Students will be supported to make their way into the junior building and classroom by staff.

Please ensure drop off is quick to minimise the number of people on the grounds.

Pick up – WAVE 1

Pick up will commence at 2:45pm.

Kiss & Ride will open at 2:45pm for juniors and we encourage families to use this option. Students will be supported to go up to the Kiss & Ride by staff and supervised while they wait for you, we realise this may be new for some students.

If you are not doing kiss and ride, pick up is on the tiger turf designated areas also at 2:45pm.

Pick up – WAVE 2 (older siblings and OSCA)

If you have an older sibling in Years 3-6, your child will be supervised until collection at 3.00pm where they will be supported to go to either Kiss & Ride (which will open again at 3.10pm) or meet you at the designated cones on the tiger turf.

If your child is going to OSCA, they will be supervised until 3.00pm and meet the OSCA leaders as normal in the junior building.

We would appreciate if you could notify your classroom teacher if your chid is WAVE 1 or WAVE 2 and if you are using the Kiss & Ride for pick up given the above information. Please note there is no before school play, if you arrive at 8.30am your child will be taken into class by staff member.

YEARS 3 – 6

If required, drop children at school gates or say goodbye at the upper netball/basketball court area.  Children will be allowed to play on oval at 8.30am.

Pick up will be normal time 3.10pm at Kiss & Ride or meet at the upper netball/basketball court area.

Dale Mackesey – Principal