Welcome Mr Shayne Harris

I’m very much looking forward to joining the Mount Hawthorn Primary School community and hitting the ground running around 3 central themes – Connection, Collaboration and Communication. I have extensive school leadership experience across the state and most recently at East Beechboro Primary School.

I am a contemporary instructional leader responsible and accountable for the development of children so that they can become successful learners, confident creative individuals, and active informed citizens. I do this by developing a culture for life-long learning in all school stakeholders, facilitating whole school evidence-based teaching and learning and supporting a well-established teamwork approach at Mount Hawthorn.

I am driven by creating and adding value to this vibrant learning community and support the wellbeing of all those around me, colleagues, staff, students, and families. I’m a firm believer in the well-known phrase that it takes a ‘village to raise a child’.

Following a well-respected leader such as Mr Dale Mackesey, I acknowledge the work that the leadership team, Schools Board and P&C will do in supporting me to acclimatise to the Mount Hawthorn Primary School culture that is rich in tradition, history, and excellence. I’m looking forward to working with everyone to make 2022 a successful school year and keep our students “skipping to school”.

Shayne Harris