Year 5 Marketplace

Year 5 Marketplace

On Friday, 19 November 2021, Year 5 set up their stalls ready for an amazing, exciting ‘Marketplace’. There were a lot of stalls selling original products such as tie dye tote bags, stress balls, jelly soaps, slime, bracelets and many more appealing items.

All the shops were decorated in their own way. Our business posters displayed our market research and decisions such as our mission and target consumers. We also had to consider the marketing aspect of our business and advertise our products.

This term we have been learning about economics and financial maths including how money is used, managed, spent and earned. In collaborative groups, we had to design and create an attractive product to sell on market day. To do this, we surveyed our potential customers and created a simple budget. We made our products a week in advance.

“Stress balls! Tie dye tote balls! “Come over here, let’s check this out!” was all you could hear from the younger years. It was an exciting day and a great opportunity for our consumers, Years 3 and 4 and our buddy classes.

Anneke, Mikaela and Hayley

Student Reflections:

I think the Marketplace was a great experience for the students who were able to buy items and be able to handle real money. It was also amazing for the shopkeepers because they had the chance to make real products and learn about profit and how to give change. Personally, this is definitely one of the greatest experiences I have had in my school years. – Teddy

In my opinion, the Year 5 Marketplace was outstanding. Some of the products were unique and my favourite part was the fact that so many consumers came. I was so happy this event was held. It was an honour to participate. – Heidi

I loved how we learnt how to use our money wisely. – Katie

My favourite part about the Marketplace was all the fidgets and cool items that were sold for $3 or under. I can’t believe my group made over $70. – King

My favourite part of the Marketplace was how we got to have a real-life experience of owning a shop. This experience has opened our minds to many new ideas. We have learnt to budget and spend money wisely. – Elliot

The Marketplace was an extraordinary experience for us to be aware of the future and to teach us how to make a successful business. We are definitely going to use our new knowledge in economics when we are adults. It was a fun activity and I recommend they keep doing this every year. – Max Y.

My personal favourite part was attending to customers and giving change. – Tilly

The Year 5 Marketplace was a very good experience for everyone. I like how we could make products and sell them. It was a lot of fun because we felt like real business owners. Our group, “Georgeamatic Inc.” was very successful. We sold everything. I really liked the idea and I think we should do it next year! – George

My favourite part was looking for and finding all the items our peers made. My personal favourite was tending to the shop. – Winston

I really liked the Marketplace and the Year 5s next year should definitely do it. I liked the experience. – Connor

I loved the Year 5 Marketplace! This is because of how hard everyone worked on this special project. My favourite thing about the Marketplace was seeing it come together after weeks of creative thinking, designing and making in our groups. I really enjoyed interacting with our customers. It put me in the shoes of a salesperson and even a consumer. I rate the Year 5 Marketplace a 10/10! – Laura