Mr Thank You So Muchly

Written by Mary Mitchell Durland
Illustrated by Ann George Redmond

Last Friday we read the story, Mr Thank You So Muchly. It’s a story about a friendly, caring man who always likes to help people solve their problems (which I believe is based on Mary’s late husband).

Whenever his neighbours need some advice or are feeling sad, they know they can find Mr Thank You So Muchly sitting at Binney Park. He sits on his favourite park bench every Tuesday and Thursday and this is a real park in Greenwich, Connecticut where the author comes from.

Mr Thank You So Muchly carries a special suitcase with him. Inside this suitcase is 4 magical boxes that contain kindness, love, patience and laughter.

One day, a sad young child called Jonathan approaches Mr Thank You So Muchly. He is worried and sad because he doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. All the jobs that his family members suggest, he feels he won’t be able to do. So, Mr Thank You So Muchly reminds Jonathon that as long as he is a good, kind person he can do whatever he sets his mind to! Jonathon is so happy because he knows exactly how to be a good, kind friend!

Before I read the story, I asked the children to think about what they thought it might be about. They all guessed it was about a kind, caring man because of his name. Just before I read them the part where Mr Thank You So Muchly reminds Jonathon to be a good, kind person, I asked the children what they thought he might suggest. I was so pleased when 2 children guessed that he would suggest him to be a kind person like him!

Just as we finished reading the story we got a call from Mary Durland, the author! She read her story to the children. Mrs Durland’s daughter was also there and she was overwhelmed with joy! The children thanked her and gave her a huge round of applause.

Paulina Gil de Matos – Pre-primary Room 25