Special Visitor to Pre-primary

Room 25

To end our NAIDOC week celebrations, we had a very special visitor in our class. Ms Isaacs (Sam’s mum) a proud Yawuru woman, shared Creation story: Bugarrigarra (the time before time) about her family.  Yawuru is from the Broome region.

She taught us about Rai’s (Yawuru word for totems) in Aboriginal culture and how these totems signify a deep connection to Country. We learnt about her mother’s Rai story as the Bailer shell where the child spirit was created and will return to the particular rock and beach in Roebuck Bay where she was created. Ms Isaacs then showed the children some Aboriginal artefacts. We saw an emu egg, boomerangs, tapping sticks and kangaroo fur. We watched a video of Sam and his dad learning a cultural dance, we all had a go at doing the dance too! Me Issacs also read the children a story which introduced them to 3 Indigenous children. We met Orlando who is from Yika Country (near the Great Victoria Desert) Josie from Waibene (Thursday Island) in the Torres Strait and Shae from the Sunshine Coast. Shae’s people are the Kabi Kabi people. To end, I asked some children to share something they learnt or enjoyed from Ms Isaacs visit. The children said they learnt that in Yawuru culture people’s spirits return to Country and significance of totems. They also really enjoyed learning the cultural dance.

Thank you Ms Isaacs for sharing your culture with us. It was a wonderful day to end our NAIDOC Week. We all learnt something very special from today and feel very lucky to have had this wonderful opportunity.

Paulina Gil de Matos – Pre-primary 25 Classroom Teacher