Year 1 and 2 Faction Athletics Carnival

Friday 6 August 2021


On Friday 6 August we held the Year 1 and 2 Faction Athletics Carnival. It was a day filled with great sportsmanship, participation, cheering and cupcakes! The extravaganza commenced with the teams Braithwaite, Axford, Shakespeare and Menzies marching around the oval and into the shaded bays, then Indiana from Year 2 said the Acknowledgement of Country.

50 metre run offs started the competition with lots of cheering from the crowd. Mrs Putt and Mrs Kenny had done an excellent job organising the events and everything ran smoothly thanks to the teachers, assistants, Year 6 Faction Captains and parent helpers.

After all that running it was time for morning tea. So many families donated cupcakes in the faction colours to raise money for the P&C. Everyone agreed the cupcakes tasted delicious and we all enjoyed sitting in the sunshine with our sugary treats!

After eating it was time for our team games. Circle ball was competitive, tunnel ball was action packed and very fast. The skills in pass ball were impressive with lots of future netball stars showing off their skills.

The final events of the day were the relays. Everybody got a chance to show off their hurdling skills and win even more points for the faction. Inspired by the Toyko Olympics, Mount Hawthorn’s fastest finished off the day with the baton relay and gee they were fast!

After the fun and competitive sibling and parent races, we enjoyed one final dance off and mega conga line to celebrate our achievements on the field before heading back to class. A fun day was had by all.

Kylie Grace – Year 2 Classroom Teacher