Friday 23 July 2021


The Year 6 students read the novel ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ over first semester. Then on Friday 23 of July all Year 6 students dressed up as characters from the Harry Potter books to celebrate finishing the novel and have a fun day.

During the time before the seniors recess, we rotated through four different activities with different houses from different classes.

One of the activities was to write a song about your house then perform it in front of the other houses, Mrs Pessahna loved all our songs. Another activity hosted by Mr Norman was Secret Wizard (secret Jedi) which we all enjoyed!

There was also a quiz hosted by Miss French about the first Harry Potter movie/book. We worked as a team and my house came 2nd in the quiz. In Mrs Burtons’ Class we had to make a ping pong ball look like the golden snitch, then we had to build a catapult using pop sticks, a milk lid, elastic bands and glue or tape.  We had to launch the snitch (ping pong ball with wings) the furthest distance and also throw it into a little bowl as many times as we could in one minute.

Each house was awarded points for where they placed with first place gaining 4 points, the 3, 2 and 1 for fourth.

Anyway, I know you all are wondering what house won the House Cup Challenge, so I’m going to tell you.

The House Cup winners were… drumroll please…


After recess all year six watched the second Harry Potter movie.

Everyone brought in “MAGICAL” food for the great Harry Potter Banquet. There were more than three tables full of food and there wasn’t enough space for all the food, so we saved the amazing owl cake that looked like Hedwig (Harry Potters’ owl) to eat on Monday.

By Ava S, Year 6 Room 19