Storytime in Pre-primary 25

Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot, a story by Noongar author, Alton Walley.


The koolingas in PP25 love the story, Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot, a story by Noongar author, Alton Walley.
So, last Friday (and also this week!) we read the story again. This time I encouraged the children to think about an important lesson they got when they listened to the story. I also asked them to think of a question they would like to ask the author about his book.
Upon refection, many of the koolingas learnt that we must respect, and care for Boodja.
Others felt that the book reminded them to be self-disciplined ,while others shared that this book taught them about Noongar Culture.

We sent our questions to Alton and we are very excited he answered them for us!

Hi All

I was very happy to hear that you all liked my story!
Storytelling is powerful, fun and exciting way to learn, and I am glad you learnt these lessons.
I will be writing some more stories later this year, this time I will be writing with my sister and have some beautiful artworks and graphics from my brother – And our good friend Chunyart might be coming back for more adventures.
Keep reading and learning!

Noonuck Djinnang Boorda (See you later)

From, Alton

Angus: This book taught me how to be self-disciplined. Chunyart’s dad said to only take what we need from Boodja.

Did your book teach you anything?

Hi Angus, this book also taught me how to be self-disciplined. I still make a lot of these tools and when I do, I only take what I need.

Juliette: I learnt that Kings Park (Kaarta Koomba) didn’t look like it does now many years ago.

I really enjoyed listening to your story.

Thank you Juliette, I’m glad you enjoyed my story. Yes, Kaarta Koomba looked very different and so did the city of Perth. There was a chain of lakes all through the city before the buildings were there.

Greta: I learnt about how Noongar people care for Boodja.

Why did you make the parrot cheeky?

Hi Greta, Im glad you got that lesson from my book, it’s a very important one. I always try to take care of the Boodja.

I made the parrot cheeky because I think we can all be a little cheeky sometimes. But no matter how fun and cheeky we are, we always respect each other and most importantly, listen to our teacher!

Nicholas: This book reminds me to be kind to your friends and family.

Why did you make the parrot so cheeky?

Hi Nicholas, I also made the parrot cheeky because our good friend Chunyart needed someone cheeky in his life, so he could learn to be responsible.

Leo: I learnt that we can’t be greedy, we have to respect Boodja.

I like your book because it was so good.

Hi Leo, that’s a great lesson to learn. If we take care of the Boodja all around us, it will take care of us!

Imogen: I learnt to not be greedy and show self-discipline.

I liked the pictures. Why did the parrot poop on Chunyart’s head?

Hi Imogen, Im glad to hear you learnt that. The parrot pooped on Chunyarts head because it was a very cheeky parrot.

Alice: I learnt about the Marri Tree, the Boomerang Tree and the Medicine Tree.

Why did you choose Chunyart to be the main character?

Hi Alice, I chose Chunyart to become my main character because we share the same totem animal. I’ve always loved our native birds and I particularly love our 28 parrots!

Paulina Gil de Matos – PP 25 Classroom Teacher