Kaartdijin Noongar – Pre-primary Room 25

Story of the Mural

Last week we went to have a closer look at our School mural. It was painted by Noongar artist, Danika Eades.

During Term 4 2020, a few children from each year level were selected to help Danika paint it.

The mural’s design was the inspiration for the Mount Hawthorn T-shirts which you may have seen the teachers wearing.

Danika used the school colours, yellow and green, to represent the local waterholes and the faction colours inside the “river like strip” that runs between these.

The Wagyl (rainbow serpent) is also represented in our school’s mural.

Acknowledgement of Country

Every morning we recite the Acknowledgement of Country in our classroom – see video attached.
A Welcome to Country is delivered by Traditional Owners, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have been given permission from Traditional Owners, to welcome visitors to their Country.

The Many Colours of Djiripin

Each child chose a colour that they feel represents Djiripin (happy). They all got a section of a letter and worked together to create our classroom poster.

The Noongar words for the colours we used are: Mirda (Red), Yoont (Yellow), Mirda- djardak (Pink), Nadjam (Green), Mirda-wooyan (Purple), Mirds-yoont (Orange), and Wooyan (Blue).

We can also count to ten in Noongar Language – see video attached.

Paulina Gil de Matos – Pre-primary Teacher