From the Principal

Friday 5 February 2021

Firstly, I would like to again recognise the Firefighters and people who are still facing uncertainty about properties during this week. We all hope the conditions change this weekend.

COVID Update 

My first point is that we live in the best place in the world and should all feel reassured with the leadership and support of the State Government. I also make the point that at this stage, there has been no community spread and we will work within the guidelines to make sure we are compliant and importantly vigilant.  It is also important to stress things could change at a moment’s notice and that Vicki will share current information to the school community (without bombarding you) through the school website and the many communication platforms we use.

We are all ready to come back to work and really looking forward to welcoming students back for the school year. The team has worked to ensure that Monday will run as smoothly as possible whilst acknowledging the need for compliance.

Please note that children don’t need to bring ALL their books and supplies on Monday, just what is comfortable to carry in their backpack for Monday.

Monday will be Week 2 of the school Term, as some schools in the state started Week 1 this week.

The staggered start for K to Year 2 will be in place and I understand that it may be difficult for some working parents to book times that suit; however, we are dealing with large numbers of students. We experienced technical issues with the booking system today and hopefully by now it should be resolved.

Year 3 to 6 parents are welcome to drop at the classroom door, being conscious of social distancing. Parents are permitted on the school grounds wearing masks. We do realise that there may be medical reasons that people may not be able to wear a mask.

Staff will also wear masks around the school, however when teaching, they can remove the masks as per the guidelines.

We have also arranged extra cleaning for the start of the year with the same as Term 4 2020.


Orders received on Qkr by Monday night will be delivered to classrooms on Tuesday afternoon but don’t forget to update your classroom numbers on Qkr so they don’t get lost.


The school canteen will be open from Monday 8 February.