Containers for Change


Mount Hawthorn Primary School has joined the Containers for Change scheme. This is a system where your bottles and containers can be recycled, and you can also make money for our school.

If every one of us deposits 10 bottles per month that is equivalent to $10,572 per year for our school. Imagine how much sporting equipment, stationary or coding kits we could get for that!

It is great we can get funding for the school for unwanted plastic bottles and cans, but it’s even better because we are helping the environment too!

Quinn CF – Year 5 Room 47

Containers you CAN refund (between 150 milliliters and three litres) include:

  • soft drink cans and bottles.
  • bottled waters – both plastic and glass.
  • small, flavoured milk drinks;
  • beer and cider cans and bottles; and
  • sports drinks and spirit-based mixed drinks.

Containers you can NOT refund include:

  • plain milk (or milk substitute) containers;
  • flavoured milk containers of one litre or more;
  • pure fruit or vegetable juice containers of one litre or more;
  • glass containers or casks for wine and spirits;
  • containers for cordials, concentrated fruit/vegetable juices; and
  • registered health tonics.

Check to see if your container is eligible HERE and enter the barcode to check.

School Drop Off

We will set up recycling bins at various locations (to start with they are at the front of the Admin building) where you can drop off your bottles. When the bin is filled the recycling company will take the bottles to be recycled and give our school a refund.

Refund Points

There will be lots of Refund Points in WA where you can drop off your containers (see here)

If you drop your bottles and cans off at a Refund Point, you can still donate the 10c to our school if you remember to use our school ID number below.

School Scheme ID number: C10292505