100 Days of School!

And 100 days smarter!

Our Year 1’s have been celebrating 100 days at school. They spoke about what it might be like to be 100 years old, used an App to make them look older and participated in lots of “100” activities.

As you can see they have been enjoying days full of fun and laughter!

Pre-primary classes also celebrated 100 days at school in Room 17 by dressing up in the finest and grooviest of disco outfits. There were many funky tunes played and an amazing display of creative and unique interpretations of Saturday Night Fever dance moves. They invited Room 25 to join them for some double disco fun. Room 25 were asked to come dressed in outfits that represented the last 100 years. We also completed loads of fun activities to help us learn about what 100 looks like.

Room 15 also dressed up as 100 year olds!