Mount Hawthorn Primary School is moving to Flexischools for Communications

Mount Hawthorn Primary School is moving from Flexibuzz to Flexischools for school communications.

You’ll need to register a new account with Flexischools to continue to receive news and notifications.

To simplify the registration process, you will receive an email with a unique registration link for you.

You will be prompted to select your school and add your student. You will then be automatically subscribed to your child’s specific communications.

Once your registration is complete, you can download the Flexischools app from the Apple App store or Google Play store and log in using your email address and new password.

We would recommend uninstalling Flexibuzz as you will no longer be receiving communications via this app.

We will only be using the same components/functionality of the App as we had with Flexibuzz. We still use Qkr for payments and QuickCliq for canteen orders.

If you are a new user and did not previously have a FlexiBuzz account, follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS to subscribe to the App.

If you did not receive the unique link (for you) via email please contact

Tips to navigating the Flexischools App

When you log in to the Flexischools app, you can scroll down to find the news section.

Within the news section, you can swipe left and right if you’re subscribed to more than one school.

Click on your school tile under the news section, and here you will find your newsfeed.

You will find your school’s quicklinks at the top of the newsfeed.