Lost Property


As most people are aware by now we are working on ensuring students become responsible for their own school items.

Students should always check at the end of a break they have what they went out to play with e.g. hat, jumper, water bottle, lunchbox etc.
If they don’t, they should let the teacher know and go back to where they last left it. This is why we request no-one picks up items they see around the school.
However, if an item has been there for more than a day or two (my student lost property leadership team and I monitor this) we will collect the items.  We then return them to the owner with a reminder about checking they have everything after breaks.

This system works really well as long as the items are labelled.  Please ensure all items are labelled with your child’s full name (room numbers are not essential).

If we cannot identify the owner, we pass these items on to the School Uniform shop. They will display for parents to have a look or re-sell as a second hand items.

The Uniform Shop is open every Tuesday from 2:30 – 3:15pm during School Term, with the exception of the last Tuesday of each term for stock take, pupil free days and public holidays.

Perisse Pitsikas 

Associate Principal


We also have a large collection of prescription children’s reading glasses in the office.

If you recognise any of these please call in to collect them.