Novel Coronavirus Information

Dear Parents

You would have seen in the media a continuing concern regarding the Novel Coronavirus. The Department of Health (DOH) advises that the risk of transmission remains low; they are monitoring the situation. We are acting on their advice and implementing necessary precautions for our school. DOH advise that if a student has been in contact with someone who has contracted the virus, they should seek medical advice and stay away from school until they are clear of symptoms for 14 days.  As an extra precaution, if a student has travelled to or through China or Hong Kong in the past two weeks, parents are asked to keep them away from school for a period of 14 days from the date they returned to Perth.

This is a precaution as the incubation period for this virus can be up to 14 days. After that time, and no symptoms, the student may attend school.

I understand some of you may have concerns about the risks to your children. Please refer to the Department of Health2 website ( where there is a factsheet for parents3 and access to a helpline 1800 300 243.

As the lead agency, the Department of Health is monitoring the situation and we will act on their advice and keep you updated as appropriate.

Dale Mackesey