On Thursday 8 August, the year 5s and 6s in choir and orchestra performed at Crown Theatre along with many other schools around Perth.

The choir performed an amazing Queen Medley including a fantastic percussionist who was Ben S. There was also Angus B who was a boss at the electric guitar in We Will Rock You. The other solo was a voice solo by Kealey W which sounded delightful. The whole choir was incredible not just how good they sounded but how entertaining the performance was. Katie Hardman conducted and put the whole thing together.

After the intermission, the amazing orchestra performed. They played ‘The Abandoned Funhouse’, ‘Jane and Josie’, and ‘Firework’ beautifully. Frankie was very good at leading the orchestra during this breathtaking performance. There were also some awesome solos in Firework by Samuel and Alison.

There were also some great soloists who practiced a lot for that night and nailed it. There was Olivia up first singing who sounded magnificent; there was Hayley second on cello that played a beautiful song. Next there was Mischa who sang Rolling in the Deep which was amazing. Next Willem performed a brilliant violin solo, then after intermission Jaya did a spectacular piano solo. Last but definitely not least Sofia played an incredible violin solo!

After all of that everyone was exhausted but that performance was the best experience and will stay with all of those kids forever. It was super exciting and nothing went wrong thanks to the helper teachers! Being on that enormous stage was quite possibly the most amazing things a lot of those kids have ever done. We can’t wait for next year!

Before our conclusion, we would just like to take the time to thank the following people:

  • Tina, for accompanying the orchestra on the piano
  • Mrs Carter, for conducting the orchestra 
  • Mrs Fletcher, Mr Gryta, Mrs Townsend, Mrs Murphy and Mrs Robertson for helping all of the kids get from one place to another
  • Katie Hardman for conducting the choir and being so supportive for everyone
  • The parents/guardians who went to the effort of bringing their kids to Crown
  • Ms Pitsikas and Mr Mackesey
  • The soloists for practicing nonstop for that night.


By Frankie G and Hayley T