On Friday 28 June Guy Ghouse and Gina Williams came and sang while Guy played guitar. We listened to Wanjoo Wanjoo (meaning welcome) and sang along with the actions.

Wanjoo (Welcome) Song

In Kindy Green the children worked over several weeks creating a Wagyl, bark paintings, handprints, boomerangs and a final piece of “Tjanpi Weaving” creating dogs (Puppas). Parents were invited to an Art Exhibition of the children’s work.

Pre-primary Room 26 have been learning about two Dreamtime stories and have included some Noongar Words in the display from the story.

  • The Quildlk (The Plover Bird)
  • How the Birds got their Colours

They have also completed some fabulous teen numbers presented using Indigenous Art.

In Year 1 Room 12 we celebrated the significance of the Sea Turtle in Aboriginal culture. We investigated how the turtles were originally hunted and this helps maintain family relations ( kinship). We did Aboriginal painting on rocks and shadow paintings.

P.S. It was also Pyjama day in Room 12 that day. We donated $1.00 per child to wear their Pyjamas for national PJ day and we had a party with our buddy class.