Music Camp 2019

On the 21 July (last Sunday) we had over 100 year five and six students go to Ern Halliday for an amazing music camp. The location was fantastic because there was so much beautiful nature that we could explore in our free time and have fun. We had lots of Mount Hawthorn people attend but they weren’t the only ones because there were many students from other primary schools. The other schools that came were Maylands Peninsula, Kyilla, Jolimont and our one and only person from Inglewood (that we are very grateful to have attend!). It was so amazing and much appreciated to also have some of the instrumental teachers and some parents to come to take the sectionals on the second day of camp. Although the camp was a lot of practice, and gave us sore fingers and sore mouths, the parents and teachers made the experience super fun! Wow! What a great way to end the holidays and start the 3rd term.

On music camp we did seven and a half hours of practice but what can we say ‘practice makes perfect’. After we finished practicing we had the parent’s homemade special brownies that were delicious. After we had finished eating we had an hour of free time. Majority of the people went exploring but others preferred to hang out in their dorms! For dinner we had Lasagne and for dessert we had strawberry ice cream. We then had a quiz night and we would like to thank Sarah and Tim Luxton for coordinating the quiz. We then had a nice warm hot chocolate and went back to our dorms for a nice calm sleep! (Ha ha). In the morning we headed down to breakfast wide awake. After that we met our groups for the activities. There was an option of The Big Swing, Rock Climbing, Flying Fox, Archery and last but not least Caving. After our activities we had lunch and then did a concert for the parents. It was overall a great camp.

On behalf of the students in the band and orchestra we would love to say a big thanks to the awesome Caz and the Band Committee, Mrs Hardman and the rest of the parents who helped over the two days.  We could not have had this camp if it weren’t for you. Thanks to the students of the Mt Hawthorn Area Band, the students from Mt Hawthorn, Jolimont, Kyilla, Maylands Peninsula and Inglewood. We would also like to thank our Conductors, Dale Pointon and Andrea Carter and a very important member of the band Wafi Zainal (Wafi plays tuba in our band). These parents and teachers must be congratulated for their hard work to make this possible.

By Isobelle H, Hayley T and Savannah M Year 6 Room 18