Lake Monger Community Garden have kindly donated a garden bed on their site to MHPS.  The Year 2 students from Room 7 and the Year 6 Public Relations Committee went down and filled with them with soil and seedlings at the end of Term 2.

Families from Room 7 will continue to visit and tend to the garden bed for the remainder of the year as part of a new and exciting relationship between the school and the community garden which supports our sustainability initiative.

If any members of the MHPS community are interested in knowing more about Lake Monger Community Garden please contact Emily Reeve, Year 2 classroom teacher.

Year 2 and Year 6 Public Relations Excursion at Lake Monger

On Thursday 20 June the Year 2’s from Miss Reeve’s class and the Year 6 Public Relations Committee went on a journey to Lake Monger. We are very grateful that some of the Year 2 parents were able to volunteer to help us. Having the Year 6 Public Relations Committee there was a great way for the kids to cooperate and act as role models for the Year 2’s to look up to. We all walked there and back and had a great experience!

During the time we were there, we filled up plant beds with soil and got to plant some vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs. We also learnt how to compost and what goes in composting bins. We believe that this excursion was helpful for the Year 2’s to learn about how composting is important and also how to take care of nature. To conclude the day we also had recess there and most of us got cupcakes because it was Holly M’s birthday, what a great day to have a birthday! By the end of the experience we were all puffed out but had an amazing time. It was a day we will never forget and we hope everyone had fun! After cleaning up and dusting the busy day off, we all walked back to school ready for the junior lunch to begin and the Year 6s to continue learning.

A big thank you to Miss Reeve for organizing the special visit, the parent helpers for giving up their time to be there and assist, and all of the Year 2 students for making the visit worth it and representing the school in an amazing way. Also to all the incredible Year 6s that came along as awesome role models for the little ones. Thank you!

By Layla D, Hayley T and Kealey W – Year 6 Room 19 Public Relations Committee