Year 6 and Year 5 Room 22

On Thursday 27 June all the Year 6 and Year 5 Room 22 students celebrated finishing the novel ‘Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone’ by having a Harry Potter Day.

The students dressed up as characters from the series of books and arrived ready to compete in the House Cup Activity Morning. All students had previously been split up into the four Houses from Hogwarts – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The students rotated through four different activities and competed against the other houses; there was a Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry Quiz, a Sphero Robot Challenge, a Hogwarts Sandcastle Competition and a Wizard Secret Jedi game. The victors of the House Cup were Gryffindor but only by one point.

In the afternoon students watched the first movie so that they could complete a compare and contrast of the book to the movie. The highlight of the day would have to have been the amazing Hogwarts luncheon. All Year 6 students brought in a plate of magical themed food to share, including Mandrake and Horcrux cupcakes, cheese broomsticks, Golden Snitches, Polyjuice Potion, Butterbeer (not real beer), Owl Poop, Sorting Hat biscuits as well as vegetables from Professor Sprout’s garden, just to name a few.

Mrs Rock even dressed up and came to visit, bringing the Monster Book of Monsters in for the teachers to try and open.  It was a marvellous and magical day and enjoyed by all.

Emma French – Year 6 Teacher