100 Days of School

Today we celebrate 100 days of school this year! The children are definately 100 days smarter!

Throughout the day in Room 12 we are doing a wide range of Maths activities and STEAM activities celebrating the number 100. The children are designing their own 100 days of school shirts and discussing what they will do when they are 100 years old.

The students eneterd the classroom today dancing and recieved $100 from their teacher. They are writing about what they would buy with $100.

Andre is going to buy a Lambagini, because it goes super fast!

Emma is going to buy a robot!

I survived another 100 days!!!!……doing the best job in the world.

Mel Russell – Year 1 Room 12 Teacher

A feast for the centenarians: 100th day of school

Pre-primary Room 25 dressed up as 100 year olds and enjoyed a feast!

They also wrote a bucket list of things they would like to do before they turn 100 years old.