Wilbur’s Rap

Year 1 Room 10

In Year 1 Room 10 we are currently learning about and celebrating our Australian indigenous culture. As part of our program each child is allocated a day in which they must present something to the rest of the class focusing on the Noongar people.

This is the rap that Wilbur recited to us. He wrote it with a little help from his mum and older brother Kingsley.  In his rap Wilbur spoke about an original painting he made and the rain sick that he brought in that was made by Aboriginal Elders.

What a special treat! Thank you for sharing Wilbur.

Rachel Sayers – Year 1 Teacher

Kaya Koolangar

Here’s a rap for you

About the Wadjuk people

And some art I did too!

Wadjuk are Noongar people

In Perth and nearby

Lake Monger was their camping ground

Where the pelicans fly

40,000 years, custodians of their land

connected to the sea, hills and sand

They used the stars in the night sky to go so so so far

Read the seasons, flora and fauna to know where the rains are

Kinjarling is rain; it’s in my painting right here

I’ve captured the sands, the storms, the story

The mountains, the clouds, a hut awaiting the pouring glory

To ask for the rain Wadjuk use this stick in a dance

Calling the clouds into a wet, wet, wet trance

The white in the yellow breaks the hot fellow

The dark brown band shows the sky where the water should land

Written by The Jones Family – Wilbur Year 1 Rm 10 and Kingsley Year 4 Rm 33