Hi Kids

Last semester our Pre-primary students in Miss Ward’s class worked with Orlando’s dad Matt, to introduce Noongar language into the classroom. Throughout the semester they learnt about animals and dot painting. They created a sign for the front of the school that welcomes us to the school, our meeting place.

Through our HASS program all year groups are learning about the Aboriginal culture and language.

As a school we have decided to learn some Noongar language and at each Monday mini assembly we introduce our Noongar word of the week and encourage the children to practice using the language at every opportunity.

We are working to embed Aboriginal histories into the fabric of our school.  We think it is very important to lead the transition into learning about the history of the land we live on in Mount Hawthorn prior to the European settlement.

We are focussing on the significant landmarks and language and  how these have historically shaped our school.

Alison Jesson – HASS Curriculum Leader