Bullying – No Way!

Rooms 19 and 7’s Buddy Experience!

On Thursday 14 March our Room 7 and 19 buddy classes went to Braithwaite Park to socialise more with each other and celebrate the Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (15/3/2019). This anti-bullying day was instituted to prevent further bullying and suicide for young adults, so we believed that we should be part of it. To celebrate this day Miss French’s Year 6 class worked with Miss Reeve’s Year 2 class, helping to brainstorm what they believe bullying is and what they would do if they were in a situation like it. The classes also exchanged ‘Bullying No Way’ wristbands to show the sharing and kindness we give at our school.

Since the buddies only met a few weeks ago they decided to interview each other, asking well thought questions to get to know each other better. The Year 6’s have now been writing a biography about their buddy and the Year 2’s will write a recount of the events.

Afterwards, we played some fun social games such as “Rock, Bridge,Tree” and “Secret Jedi” which was definitely fun and exciting! Then we had lunch and a play then came back to school over the bridge.

This was a great day of interacting and learning about anti-bullying with Rooms 7 and 19!

By Kealey W Room 19