Harmony Assembly and Parade

Friday 22 March 2019

The costumes, the colour, the messages of harmony and inclusion and the brilliant hosting by Year 5 Room 47  and Mr T provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase our community and ‘togetherness’.


Goeie more!

My name is Mia en ek is van Suid Afrika which means in Afrikaans … Good morning. My name is Mia and I’m from South Africa.

There are three well known languages; they are English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.

There are 11 total languages!

Table Mountain is the most famous mountain in South Africa. It is in the Western Cape in Cape Town. Table Mountain is the oldest mountain on earth!

Did you know the big 5 are lions, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs and hippos?

I have been lucky enough to see all of them!

Mia M


My grandparents were born in Egypt in the 1930’s and at that time Egypt was very multicultural and my grandparents can speak 5 languages fluently.  They speak English, Greek, Arabic, French and Italian.

One Egyptian tradition we still have as a family is to make a soup called Molokhai

You make the soup from a special green herb that you grow in the garden

My great grandparents used to bring the seeds to make the soup from Egypt.

Egypt was a great example of people from different cultures living together in harmony.

Matlida M


My name is Benji. My mother and father are from Bosnia in Eastern Europe. They are both migrants who escaped war and have lived in other countries before settling in Australia over 20 years ago. Both of them speak multiple languages.

My favourite Bosnian foods are pita, Burek and ustipak!

Pita is a type of pastry with a filling of meat cheese or spinach. You may have heard of Burek which is one of my other favourites because it is meat filled and twisted into a spiral.

Benji B