15 March 2019


This morning the school was fortunate enough to have many VIP’s attend the special ceremony to celebrate and officially open the new build by the Honourable Minister for Education, Sue Ellery.

The ceremony was made that bit more special with the presentation of badges to our student Councillors.

We are really delighted with the classrooms and nature playground and extremely happy it was all ready for the first day of school. We would like to thank those who have worked with the school to make it happen.

Student Councillors feedback on the new build:

The Pre-primary’s are really enjoying their brand new classrooms as well as the senior students.

We hope you enjoyed the opening today.

Frankie G

It’s fresh, abstract and colourful. We can walk across the balconies with ease, occasionally looking over the new rail to see the lush grass and Pre-primary students.

There is plenty of room to line up and the classrooms are even better. They are spacious, with lots of room to display work and lots more room to walk around in and create work. The air conditioners are great, breathing fresh air into the room. Everything is clean, with no marks and nothing is faded without any paint chipping. It’s so exciting to be the first people in it!

We all think that the new build is amazing, definitely worth it and will treat us well for a long time.

Zoe H

Hon Sue Ellery – Minister for Education, Maddie and Cooper with John Carey MLA