Young Innovators Competition

Year 6

All Year 6 students took part in the Young Innovators Competition for 2018.

They had to design and make an innovative product to help solve a problem and create an accompanying portfolio with tasks related to their product.

On Thursday 14 October, the School Open Morning, the Year 6 students held their annual Young Innovators Expo, where they displayed their products and portfolios for the public to see.

There were 15 finalists chosen from the three Year 6 classrooms.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists:

Ist Finn CP

2nd Josie P

3rd Julian B

4th Isabella G

5th Amelie HS and in

6th Ashley C

The other finalists were Mia B, Remy B, Emily C, Jacob F, Jasmine J, Amber B, Matt C, Lyla B and Meg D.

Emma French – Year 6 Teacher