Please see HERE for information about our Year 5 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Tablet Program including FAQ’s.

BYOD Devices

Preferred Devices:

  • Android Tablet (Samsung or similar) running at least Version M (v.6.0) with 9 inch + screen
  • Chrome Books
  • iPads (Lager screen)
  • Recent Laptop

Interested parents will also be invited to an open classroom session on  in Year 6 Room 22 with Mr Lawrence to view a lesson with students using their tablets (TBC).

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the year 6’s in room 22.  My original plan was to gain an understanding of the tablets, covers and attachable keyboards the students were using to ascertain what to purchase for my own daughter.  Mr Lawrence was very welcoming and happy for me chat to the students, observe their work and witness the wonderful dynamic of the students collaborating on a task via their tablets.  One of the students Lottie B, was kind enough to give me a great overview of the learning platform Google Classroom and it was great to see her enthusiasm and ability to confidently navigate her way through the program.  I walked away feeling inspired and confident that this program will boost the learning experience and engagement of our kids.

Donna Reece – Year 4 parent