Science Week Activities

Game Changers and Change Makers


Meet WES (Waste, Energy and Sustainability) our cute new sustainability mascot! Dr Bruce Webber (a parent and School Board member) is working with our school via the CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools program to join the ClimateClever Initiative. We will come up with new ways to reduce the school carbon footprint via cutting energy, waste and water usage.

WES will be with us all the way on this journey to seek win-win outcomes and create STEM learning opportunities right across the curriculum.

Year 1 Room 1

This year’s Science Week theme of ‘Game Changers and Change Makers’ was certainly in action with the budding young scientists of Room 1. Children’s Tuesday newsday presentations explored hot science topics such as how to use a microscope, the solar system, interesting science facts and some hands on experiments.

Miss Pizzino

Year 6 and Year 1 Buddies

On Wednesday afternoon Year 6 Room 23 and Year 1 Room 14 buddies and Miss Vearing, made Alka Seltzer canister rockets. The buddies worked together to decorate the canisters to look like rockets and then went outside to launch them.

On Friday morning the Year 6’s went to Mr James’s room to use their knowledge from making the Alka Seltzer rockets and buddied up with Year 4 students from Room 40. They helped them set up an investigation to test whether changing the size of the tablet in the rocket effected how long it took for the rocket to launch.

All Year 6 students took part in an ACTIVE STEAM program on Friday morning, with Mrs Derbyshire. Students used robots that were coded to react to different movements, which the students had to try to figure out.

Volcanoes with Pre-primary Room 15

Year 5 Room 38 Cup Pyramids – Robotics