Talk for Writing at MHPS

A real buzz has hit MHPS called Talk for Writing and this has been showcased to the community in a number of ways. So what is Talk for Writing.

Talk for Writing is an evidence and research based whole school approach to teaching written expression. It supports all learners and learning styles.  It is complementary to the complete English curriculum and incorporates an explicit phonics program, handwriting program and focussed comprehension work.  The underlying principles of Talk for Writing are:

  • A systematic model of speaking, listening, vocabulary and sentence patterns the students need
  • Oral rehearsal: students internalising patterns of language by talking the text before writing
  • Making learning visible: the work created during the progress of a unit is clearly displayed
  • Co-construct the learning: students are involved in activities that deepen their understanding, making them independent thinkers and writers.

Implementing a new program to any school, especially one of our size, will take time and require all staff to access a professional learning delivery model. The positive aspect of Talk for Writing is that it will not deviate our teaching staff from delivering the range of quality practices already existing in our classrooms, only enhance it. Using a ‘Gradual Release’ Model, our very professional staff are watching, learning and trialling a range of Talk for Writing strategies that they have learnt from each other and we will start to see it grow across our classes.

As we are on a Talk for Writing journey, we would like to regularly share writing samples from across the school that reflect the high quality writing that is occurring as a result of this program.

Year 4 Hot Task – The Cabin

This old looking, lonely little house is set in between a dark, foreboding forest and an unmoving, lifeless lake on a frosty, cold autumn morning. A million wilted, pale leaves lie in front of the ramshackle cottage. An unseen tree’s branches run across the house like barbed wire and the houses windows are barred like an olden day prison cell. I for one do not want to live in this house.

Alex M

The day awakens and the trees gracefully shake their leaves. The water shows off as the reflection of the house is crystal clear. Foolishly, the leaves rustle in the grass, racing for first place. From the reflection, the house sits lonely waiting for a friend. Its roof is wooden and the wood is damp. The windows peer out, searching for an advantage. Everything is still as metal, only hearing the wind, trying to push everything down. The trees stand long and the house stays still, for the water has done nothing but sit there with gladness as still as a rock, only to wish for hope. Secretly, the creature beyond the leaves escapes for mercy in fear. All that is heard are the secrets hidden within and all that is seen is a house wanting help. However, light is losing day and everything stops and sits, playing its role as a gentle world.

Kealey W

The lonely cottage stands as it hides behind its tall protectors. The water copies the scene perfectly like a mirror as old, decaying wood surrounds the interior of the house, tired from years of service. Leaves, exhausted from clinging onto a tree, float down once they can’t hold on any longer onto the soft grass below. Useless windows reveal the sad, pitch black inside. It’s a normal, sunny day for the lonely cottage.

Frankie G