Faction Athletics Carnival

From Sue and Anita

The faction athletics carnival is fast approaching and all the students are busy practising. Keep up to date by checking this post for information.

Students are to wear shoes for all events both Monday and Thursday at our faction carnival. Athletic shoes with plastic or rubber spikes are permitted for events on both days. (No metal spikes are allowed).


Please find attached Monday`s program below for the finals of long jump, throws and distance events.

Please note that these events are for finalists only and these students will be notified by the end of Week 6.

We need 4 parent helpers to rake the long jump pit on Monday, 28 August.

Timeslots -2 helpers per pit



Please put your name on PE Office door if you can help.

Monday Program of Events


Backup date – postponed from Thursday, 31 August

As per last year there will be activities running on two tracks, therefore it is important to be aware of spectator areas defined with bunting. It is important that parents are not in the bays to allow for the students to be marshalled by the bay teachers.

All students will be at the carnival for the full day with the exception of the Pre-primary students. They will be returning to school after their fun games in the morning. Pre-primary students will march down the main track with their faction leaders ready to assemble for the first race of the day and parents do not march with them.

Parents are welcome to bring a shared lunch to have with your children.

No Students are permitted to leave Menzies with their parents – all students must return to school to be dismissed.

Students wear their faction Tshirts, they need sunscreen, a hat, water and health grazing food for the day as well as lunch.

Dogs are not permitted at this venue when it has been booked for the carnival, so please do not bring any dogs on or off leashes to the carnival.

The P&C will be running a cup cake stall for the spectators. Support your faction by bringing along homemade cupcakes (one batch per family) decorated in your faction colour to sell on the day. Bring gold coins to purchase cupcakes and drinks. There will also be a coffee van in attendance from 9.00am.

Thursday Program of Events

Program back page with track layout



School and Interschool Teams are selected by teachers on the basis of:

  • Results/performance at the school carnivals/events.
  • Training sessions associated with these carnivals/events.
  • Student’s ability to demonstrate responsible behaviour in line with the School Values Program.

If a student is absent due to injury or illness (not holidays) in the lead up to, or on the day of the carnival/event, and is recognised by the PE Specialists to be one of the top athletes, a re-run may be conducted at the request of the parents/carer or a recommendation by a staff member.

The parent/carer request or teacher recommendation must be made during the training period or within 2 days of the carnival/event and it is the PE Specialists decision to conduct the re-run.

The Interschool Carnival is for selected students in Year 1-6.


Champion boy and girl are awarded to students with the most points from Championship Events held in Athletics week. Champion events are Long Jump, Throws, Distance and 100m Flat Race, A Division only. (In line with Interschool)

Champion boy and girl are only awarded from Year 3-6 students. Year 1 and 2 students do not receive champion points.


In the spirit of sportsmanship and having participation as a priority of this carnival we will not consider any challenges or disputes via video or photographic evidence. We will rely on the judge`s decision and electronic timing gates. Please keep photos and videos as a celebration of the fun and achievements of the day.