Music News

21 July 2017


During term three each year, the Year 2, 3 and 4 students at Mount Hawthorn Primary School will complete a Music Aptitude Indicator as part of the assessment process to select School of Instrumental Music (SIM) students.

Those selected will have instrumental lessons beginning the following year and will be expected to join either band or orchestra during Year 5 to further expand their skill and have opportunities to perform as an ensemble.

Selected students will be offered places in violin/viola (Year 3), cello (Year 4), flute, clarinet, brass, double bass and percussion (Year 5).

For more information about the selection process click HERE


Our music students attended camp on Sunday, 16 and Monday, 17 July 2017. This opportunity allows our students to come together and improve their skills, perform and cement their love for music as well as have fun and build relationships with other music students. On behalf of all the music students, we thank all the parents and teachers for their  time and efforts to make this such a successful event.


Music camp was fantastic. We had lots of rehearsals and learnt songs. We did activities on the second day like archery, flying fox, caving and crate climbing. It was awesome. By Ruby S

Music camp was amazing! I loved the lasagna. The songs that we played were AWESOME! I loved the marshmallows too. The dorms were a bit ‘meh’ only because of the centipedes. The climbing I did made me so proud. I can’t believe I made it through three sections and that my partner did as well. By Alex P

Music camp was SUPER FUN! I would go back there every day if I could. By Stella P

Music camp was the absolute best. Monday’s activities were so fun. We did archery and flying fox. It was amazing! We also got to make new friends from other schools and the food was awesome. By Emily C and Cassia P

The big swing was awesome and the food was five star quality. I could stay there all year. By Georgia B

My favourite thing about music camp was the end performance because we showed everything we had learnt over the camp. By Lily P

Eight and a half hours later the band and orchestra had been playing their hearts out. Spicks and Specks, fun activities and not much sleeping made up the rest at a very successful music camp 2017. By Jimmy T

I perfected most of my pieces and the food was really good. By Louis W

I loved music camp so much. My favourite thing was the big swing. By Daniel P

Music camp was lots of fun. We played our instruments for about eight hours in total and we enjoyed every second of it. We would do it again in a heartbeat. We especially enjoyed the Spicks and Specks night hosted by Kylie Young and marshmallows! Lastly, this camp would not have been possible without Caz Shurmer. By Imogen Y and Eloise S

It was a great opportunity to meet people and improve your playing. I’m really sad that this was my last camp since they’re so fun and exciting. It’s hard to say goodbye. We are all so, so lucky to have such great parents who can organise something so grand and incredible. I hope that every year from here on I will get to experience something so great. By Tegan W


All Year 4 students were thrilled to be treated to an impromptu performance by our Year 4 violin students led by their SIM teacher Andrea Carter during the last week of Term 2.