Term 2 Physical Education Activities

Cross Country Results

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YR 3 – Girl-Champion- OLIVIA

YR 3 – Girl-Runner Up-RUBY

YR 3 – BOY-Champion-CHARLIE

YR 3 – BOY-Runner Up- DREW

YR 4 – Girl-Champion-CHARLOTTE

YR 4 – Girl-Runner Up-LILY

YR 4 – BOY-Champion-TRENT

YR 4 – BOY-Runner Up-JAMES

YR 5 – Girl-Champion- ELLA

YR 5 – Girl-Runner Up- MIA

YR 5 – BOY-Champion- ROBBIE

YR 5 – BOY-Runner Up- DYLAN

YR 6 – Girl-Champion- EMMA

YR 6 – Girl-Runner Up- INDIANNA

YR 6 – BOY-Champion- JACK

YR 6 – BOY-Runner Up- CHRIS

Student Ambassadors

Congratulations to the Year 6 students who have been selected as Ambassadors for their chosen winter sport.

MODCROSSE - Ben and Amelia

MODCROSSE – Ben and Amalia

NETBALL - Emma and Ahna

NETBALL – Emma and Ahna

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AFL – Blake, Phoenix and Ryan

SOCCER - Harry, Angus and Riley

SOCCER – Riley, Angus and Harry

Running a Marathon

This is a running program which involves all students from Pre-primary to Year 6 running different courses within the school,the results of which are recorded and recognised by the teachers. After certain milestones the students will be rewarded for running 5km, 10km, ½ marathon and full marathon distances by being named on an “Honour Roll” on the website. Pre-primary students will still receive the bands for their amazing milestone of 5km and the rest of the students will receive bands for the other milestones. This may seem extreme, but students accumulate their laps and some students may take weeks to reach their milestones and the younger students may take months. This is a very rewarding program and will help improve the health and fitness of all individual students. When students reach the last milestone, being the Marathon, they will receive a cloth badge to be sewn onto the left sleeve of their faction shirt.

SEPEP Volleyball

The SEPEP Volleyball season is an annual event at Mount Hawthorn Primary and the students look forward to taking ownership of this program for Term 1 each year. All Year 6 students are divided into teams of equal ability and are given the opportunity to choose a team name, uniform and captain. Each week the teams take turns in being responsible for setting up the courts, umpiring and scoring, choosing best players and reporting results at the end of the session.

SEPEP is great fun. You learn how to play volley ball and you’re interacting with your friends. Even though it was a competition, I enjoyed myself very much and just luckily my team, the Nikes won and we received fancy medals. All the teams got to create names and make a sports outfit that the team wore together. For the team I was in, Ben and I were the captains and our uniform was a green t-shirt with a Nike tick that we hand drew. The team work and sportsmanship was great and I felt that doing this activity really brought me closer to people I wasn’t friends with or didn’t talk to. What I found really exciting was that the teachers didn’t coach or umpire the game it was all the teams rotating. It was a great experience while doing a sport I really like. It was lots of FUN!

By Sophie Year 6 Room 22