School Newsletter – 8 March 2017

From the Principal

Today’s newsletter should be celebrating our excellent Faction Swimming Carnival yesterday or our Dr Seuss’ birthday celebrations but I fear it may give a negative impression thanks to issues linked by our concerns for student safety; especially when arriving or leaving our grounds. MHPS community share a collective responsibility for the safety of our students; please consider the importance of each of our messages whilst celebrating our wonderful achievements over the last few weeks.

Matt Jarman


Schools are incredibly busy at drop-off and pick-up but often operate as smoothly as they can when drivers show patience, tolerance and use skills such as giving way or letting others in. Congestion can even be eased with this kind of behaviour quite quickly as opposed to becoming a frustrating worry and possibly an unsafe environment for students. A significant issue which we adopt a no tolerance approach towards is either illegal or inappropriate parking. Since the last newsletter vehicles have been parked in the Kiss-n-Drive for long periods and also parked in the staff car park. To avoid fines and to support reducing our congestion please be respectful, caring, responsible and try to be your best; which are the four values we are constantly asking of our students.


Over the last few weeks, Year One students have been celebrating Dr Seuss’ wacky and wonderful collection of books. We have laughed (Hop on Pop), felt inspired (Oh the Places you’ll go) and sometimes been saddened (The Lorax) as we have discussed the powerful messages his books provide us with. This week saw all Year one classes hold a party for Dr Seuss’ birthday.  Buddies were involved, restaurant quality cakes were had and excited games were participated in.

A huge thankyou to all parents who were involved in making each party run smoothly. Without your help, creativity and enthusiasm, days like these would not happen.
Bree Rampal and the Year One Team


Students should not be onsite until 8.30am unless there is a special event organised. If they are here before this time they must stay in the undercover area.


It is very important we have correct information about our students on our database. We have sent a Student Details Form home with every child. Please check the details, make any necessary updates and return it with or without changes. We especially need current email addresses for when we are booking Parent Teacher Interviews via PTO.


Students and their families enjoy walking their dogs to and from school but the satisfaction must be accompanied with greater responsibility. Students have greater rights with respect to feeling safe as they enter and exit school.

Dogs tethered to fences without supervision are not acceptable, because of how some of our students may feel, such as those attending our Ed Support Centre and because of the City of Vincent explanation below:

From the Dog Act 1976, regarding dogs being tethered:

Section 31. Control of dogs in certain public places

(1) A dog shall not be in a public place unless it is —
(a) held by a person who is capable of controlling the dog; or
(b) securely tethered for a temporary purpose, by means of a chain, cord, leash or harness of sufficient strength and not exceeding the prescribed length.
If a matter arises from the dog(s) whilst tethered, then Section 33D will come into effect.

33D. Dog attacks etc.

(1) If a dog attacks or chases any person or animal and physical injury is caused to the person or animal that is attacked or chased, every person liable for the control of the dog commits an offence. Penalty:
(a) for an offence relating to a dangerous dog, a fine of $20 000, but the minimum penalty is a fine of $1 000;
(b) for an offence relating to a dog other than a dangerous dog, a fine of $10 000.
(2A) If a dog attacks or chases any person or animal without causing physical injury to the person or animal that is attacked or chased, every person liable for the control of the dog commits an offence. Penalty:
(a) for an offence relating to a dangerous dog, a fine of $10 000, but the minimum penalty is a fine of $500;
(b) for an offence relating to a dog other than a dangerous dog, a fine of $3 000.

The City has also recently introduced a Responsible Dog Owner Reward Scheme which provides dog owners with a bag of treats and pet discounts when a Ranger spots an owner doing the right thing.


Thank you to all the parent volunteers who have offered to support their classrooms in 2017 in either the capacity as a School Fair volunteer or Parent Liaison. The first Parent Liaison meetings were scheduled for today but have been moved to next Wednesday due to the short week and other demands.

The Parent Communication Charter was first introduced to MHPS in term four 2016, you can find it here:

MHPS Parent Communication Charter.

The purpose of this charter includes clearly outlining what communication should look like with your classroom teacher. For instance, issues which require more than a ’door frame chat’ should be done so through appointment.


Carnival Results

1st Braithwaite 475 points, 2nd Axford 375, 3rd Menzies 273 and 4th Shakespeare 268

Bonus points results

1st Menzies won by 400 points with a massive 850 points.

Congratulations Braithwaite and Menzies. For a full report on this fantastic day with lots more pictures click HERE.


Like school community members we are upset our school continues to be the target of mindless, destructive behaviour. It took two hours for broken glass to be cleared yesterday morning. The DOE security services are aware of the problem and have increased security presence. Local community members can contact School Watch on 1800 177 777 at any time.


This Friday at 9:00am will be cause for much celebration when our school officially opens the school oval. The surface and environment created is a true credit to the volunteers who made it all happen in such a short period of time. Students will be facing the basketball end of the oval allowing visitors to stand at the rear or around the new retaining walls.  We look forward to seeing you there and anticipate no more than 30 minutes will be required.


For information about various local out of school sporting activities and teams for primary school children please visit our Facebook Page



Sarah needs help making sandwiches, preparation and baking of the famous milo cookies, some other easy food prep and – most importantly – counter service over recess and lunch.

The canteen roster is only 1 ½ hours per session, with three sessions available per day.  Helping in the canteen is a fun and a fantastic way to see your kids as they go about their school day or do their assembly practice.

Click this link to go to our sign-up roster. Choose the time(s) that suit you and click the “sign up” button
Note: does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.
Tracy Denham


Will be held on Saturday 11 March at Braithwaite Park from 8.00am to 12.00 noon and School Undercover Area from 8.00am to 2.00pm. Details here

Please volunteer your time to assist on the day and to bake cakes for us to sell. The class with the most volunteers and cakes donated will win a prize!

To volunteer visit or email

Please deliver cakes Friday afternoon before the Sundowner to the school canteen or to the cake stall on the day. Come along to vote and buy a delicious bacon and egg roll for $5, sausage in a bun for $3 and cakes at assorted prices.


Bring along the whole family to celebrate being back to school in a relaxed atmosphere at the Welcome Sundowner on Friday 10th March from 4.30pm to 7.30pm on the beautiful new school oval. Bring your picnic blanket and settle in for a fun night. Download the flyer

Please volunteer to help at this event, sign up at or email Stay up-to-date, find us on Facebook.

If you have any school fair enquiries email

School Newsletter – 22 February 2017

School Newsletter – Special Edition – 1 February 2017

From the Principal


Welcome to 2017 at Mount Hawthorn PS! This newsletter is simply to welcome community members back with the normal fortnightly roster of newsletter communications beginning next Wednesday.

I would like to especially welcome our new students and their families who have joined our wonderful school community. Wherever you have come from I hope MHPS meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable as soon as possible; partnership in my brief experience is a strength of MHPS.

Our student population has grown to around the 850 mark for the commencement of the school year; a new high tide mark which further emphasises the importance of maintaining our local intake enrolment policy and the challenges we accept supporting the needs of all students within our site.

As many would be aware there has been growing media on the pressures faced by inner-city schools with alternative plans being discussed, our trajectory is 900 students translating into a probable need for additional classrooms for the commencement of 2018. In our current state we cannot accommodate this figure but I am confident we will successfully manage throughout 2017 without compromise to our students and their needs.


For new families please consider downloading an app we use extensively at MHPS known as TiqBiz to your smartphone or tablet. For instructions on downloading the app click HERE

If you are already using tiqbiz

Now we have commenced a new year, you will need to make new tiqbiz selections for your child’s year/grade.


In total MHPS has enjoyed approximately $500 000 worth of capital improvements with a new roof, new admin area at the Ed Support Unit, Shade Sails, canteen upgrade and oval redevelopment. Each project is tracking as hoped:

Oval: Thanks to the determined efforts of our P&C our school oval is starting to look magnificent. It will not be available to students for the period that coincides with swimming lessons and we will ensure you are informed through the normal avenues of its progress. Thank you for taking extra time to access and depart the grounds around the temporary fencing, especially to the Pre-primary area.

Parking at this busy time…The City of Vincent has been asked to monitor parking around our school whilst the oval redevelopment program comes to a conclusion and also as the school years commences. Despite their kind tolerance, residents closest to the school do not need driveways blocked and foreign vehicles across their lawns.

Shade Sails: Poles are in and we are just waiting for the concrete footings to cure for the sails to be installed, sometime this fortnight!

Canteen: Total refurbishment is almost complete, due to open to students 13th Feb.

Ed Support Unit: Operational, much more space with some finishing work to be completed.

Roof restoration: Completed!


What a wonderful effort this morning to see so many properly prepared swimmers on the first day of school. Thank you to students and their families for helping make this the case. Mrs Mears and staff have worked very hard getting this life saving component of the curriculum underway at a challenging time of the year and should also be acknowledged. Good luck swimmers!


The City of Vincent Local History Centre and MHPS invite past pupils to come along and celebrate the launch of the school’s and Margaret Kindergarten’s archives in their new home in the Local History Centre.

Bookings essential Book online or call 9273 6534.


The canteen refurbishment is being completed and the “new look” facility will be open for business on Monday, 13 February 2017.


The Uniform Shop will be open on Thursday, 2 February from 2.30 to 3.15pm. Thereafter the shop will be opening on Tuesdays during term time. Orders can be placed online via QKR or via email in the usual ways.