Aussie of the Month

Congratulations Will from Year 6 Room 23.
One Sunday Will noticed that the crows had scattered rubbish from the bins all through the staff car park. He led an amazing group of students who took it upon themselves to clean up the mess.

Faction Swimming Carnival

The trials for the faction carnival were held during normal in term swimming lessons  on Monday 11 March 2013.

Children who have passed level 6 or are in stage 6 trialled over 50m in Freestyle, Breaststroke, and Backstroke for their division placement.

FACTION SWIMMING CARNIVAL 2013 – Wednesday 20 March 2013

The faction swimming carnival is for all students year 4 to year 7. The carnival will be held at the indoor pool at Challenge Stadium on Wednesday 20 March  9.30am  to 1.30pm. Challenge stadium has electronic timing and places and times are displayed on the huge screen, just like the Olympics.

There are three sets of activities to participate in at the carnival.

  • Students of swimming level 6 and above have time-trialled during in-term swimming to participate in gender-based events over 50 metres for freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke and the 4 X 50m freestyle relays.
  • Students who have passed level 4 may swim in 25m events of mixed gender at their year level in freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.
  • All students will participate in fun relay events with boogie boards and noodles in the dive pool.


EVENT ORDER – Times are approximated from past carnivals. Please give yourself time to park and walk into the pool

Approximate Times Year 4 &5 Year 6 & 7
9.30am To dive pool for fun relays with flotation aids 50m and 25 m events in main pool commencing with freestyle, breast-stroke and finally backstroke.
10.45 – 11.00am 50m and 25 m events in main pool commencing with freestyle, breast-stroke and finally backstroke To dive pool for fun relays with flotation aids
12 – 12.30 4 x 50 m Freestyle Relays 4 x 50 m Freestyle Relays
50m Butterfly event 50m Butterfly event
1.00pm Presentations Presentations


INTERSCHOOL –  Wednesday 17 April at Challenge Stadium

Interschool has two divisions for boys and girls of 50m X freestyle, backstroke and breast-stroke for each year level 4 to 7, and  4 X 50m relays, boys and girls for y4-y7. We encourage reserves for these events to train and they are part of our team.  Students are selected from times at the faction carnival and registered times from approved events if ill or absent with good cause.

ATTIRE – Students must wear a school swimming cap and goggles are recommended as are swimming bathers for Interschool participation.

Interschool training will be held before school on Wednesday mornings at Beatty Park and we are hoping for a Friday afternoon training session as well.

School Board Update 1 March

I hope everyone had a relatively smooth start to the year and that your child (or children) are enjoying their time at school.  The Schools Board met last Wednesday. The issue of increasing student enrolments at our schools and the pressure this is going to place on existing facilities was top of our Agenda.  The Board has a Planning Committee, chaired by Board member Scott Bywaters that will be meeting soon to finalise our suggestions. More to follow on this important issue soon.  Also discussed was the Board’s Commendation Scheme. This is a great way to reward outstanding contributions to our campus by students, parents, teachers, staff and community members. The Commendation consists of a beautiful certificate which would generally be presented at a school assembly. To read more about the scheme and/or to nominate someone for a Commendation, please take a look at the “Commendation” section of the School website.  Finally, one of the Board’s functions is to periodically review the School’s Dress Code.  Board member Shari McKeown is coordinating this review which is currently underway. No major changes are planned, and parents and students will be consulted during the review process. Some minor tweaks are anticipated, such as introducing a time frame for the “No Hat No Play Policy” between the beginning of September to the end of April. Until the review is completed, the Board has issued an Interim Dress Code which prohibits the wearing of “leggings” by girls unless a skirt, shorts or skort is also worn.  You can take a look at the minutes and agendas of Board Meetings on the School website. The next Board meeting will be held in the Staff room on Wednesday, 08 May 13 at 7.00 pm.  Finally, your feedback is always welcome.  Please feel free to contact me at  Michael Jenkin, Board Chair


Welcome to School Banking 2013.


The School Banking Volunteers would like to welcome new students and returning ‘Dollarmites’ to the MHPS Banking program for 2013.


The School Banking program started on the 19 June 2012 and currently there are 100 students participating. Our school will continue to receive $5 when a student makes their first School Banking deposit. Plus, a commission of 5% for every deposit made, up to $10 per individual deposit.


Contributions paid to MHPS from the CBA:


  • $480 for new accounts for Q2, Q3 & Q4 – 2012.
  •  $844.79 commission for Q2, Q3 & Q4 – 2012.


Total for 2012 =  $1,324.79


This money will be put towards the rejuvenation of the playground areas our children use at MHPS. Also, MHPS Banking won a $100 gift card in a competition held by the Commonwealth Bank. This gift card will be given to the Library to purchase resources.


Important School Banking Term One Updates


  • As we have started a new school year the School Banking Volunteers would like to inform you that reward tokens your child collected in term 4 last year have been carried over to this year.
  • Please collect your new yellow canvas wallet next time you are at School Banking. These will replace the old plastic ones, which tend to tear, resulting in children losing coins.
  • Reward redemption day will be on Tuesday the 19 April (the last Tuesday of term one). This is to help the reward redemption program run more efficiently and prevent issues due to rewards being out of stock.
  • Children must have collected ten tokens by Tuesday the 19 April.
  • If your child does not bank on that day and will have collected ten tokens, they will be given their reward and certificate the next time they are at School Banking.
  • Likewise, if children do not collect ten tokens by the end of term one they still have an opportunity to redeem their rewards on redemption days which will be held at the end of term two, three or four.
  • Please note, rewards are released at different times thought-out the school year;

Term 1 & 2 – Wallets, Knuckles Game and Handball.

Term 2 & 3 – Torch and term one rewards whilst stocks last.

Term 3 & 4 – Calculator and term one & two rewards whilst stocks last.

Term 4 – Headphones and term one, two & three rewards whilst stocks last.

All Year – Money Boxes.


Well done Super Savers and Thank You for supporting this brilliant program!

Warm Regards from the School Banking Volunteers


Tuesday before school + Library + Deposit = Rewards

Artist of the Fortnight

Congratulations Jessica from Year 7.

Jessica created this clever picture in her art lesson on the topic of foreshortening. It gives the impression of falling.

Starry Starry Night

On Monday night all the Year 4’s and 5’s went to school for Starry Starry Night. At about 7.05pm everyone was allowed into the Harbeck Library. A man called Ric had come in to tell us about the planets and stars. He showed us the size order of the planets in our solar system and some stars. The stars got very, very big. He talked a bit more then we all had to leave the Harbeck and find our parents, then go to the oval. At the oval, Ric had put out four telescopes. Everyone had to line up in four different lines to see the telescope. In the first telescope you could see the jewellery box cluster, in the second you could see the seven sisters stars, in the third you could see the moon and in the fourth you could see a close up of the moon. Everyone finished at about 9.15pm. I am sure everyone had a good time. Jacob Year 4

School Board Update 19 February

As I am sure you know, the Schools Board works hard to support the work of both the Primary School and the Education Support Centre. The Schools Board’s Planning Committee has been busy looking at issues that affect our campus – most obviously the increase in student enrolments.  The Planning Committee is putting together a range of suggested strategies for dealing with these increasing numbers – including suggestions about extra buildings and greater use of nearby community facilities.  A key concern of the Committee has been to come up with ideas that do not decrease the amount of precious play space at our campus.  Watch this space for more information about the Committee’s suggestions.  The next meeting of the Board will be held on 27 February 2013.  Agendas for Board meetings along with Minutes of our meetings and other key Board documents can be found under the Schools Board tab on the school’s brilliant new website.



Principals Award

Mr Mackesey and Mrs Mears have been very happy to see many students sent to see them with fantastic work. Congratulations Taylor from Year 6, one of the outstanding students already recognised  in Term 1.

Instrumental Music

Brooklyn, Ella and Kiki from Year 5 with the talented
Cello teacher Alexandra Bak

The School of Instrumental Music (SIM) teachers commenced classes for selected students today. Many of the children were very excited about learning to play their instrument.

Year 3 students started learning the violin. Year 4 students, the cello and Year 5 students brass, flute, percussion and clarinet.

Back to School – Day 1

It is fantastic to see all the smiling faces on our first day back to school. It was all smooth sailing and the children settled well into their new classrooms with their new teachers.