Faction Swimming Trials -Tuesday 6 February

Parent helpers URGENTLY needed
to time and record.

The trials for the faction carnival will be held at Beatty Park Pool during normal In-term swimming lessons for Years 4 – 6. 

Children who have passed level 6 or are in stage 6 will trial over 50m in Freestyle, Breaststroke, and Backstroke for their division placement.

Ten parent helpers are needed for each lesson. Even one hour is a big help. The tasks are not hard and it is really important.

Please just come along and/or indicate your support by emailing Anita.Putt@education.wa.edu.au

Faction Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 6 March 2018

The faction swimming carnival is for all students year 4 to year 6. The carnival will be held at the indoor 8 lane pool and diving pool at HBF Stadium from 9.30am – 2.00pm.

There are three sets of activities to participate in at the carnival:

  • Students of swimming Level 6 and above have time-trialled during In-term swimming to participate in gender based events over 50 metres for freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke and the 4 X 50m freestyle relays.
  • Students who have passed level 4 may swim in 25metre events of mixed gender at their year level in freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke.
  • All students will participate in fun relay events with boogie boards and noodles in the dive pool.

INTERSCHOOL – Wednesday 11 April at HBF stadium.

Students are selected from times at the faction carnival and registered times from approved events if ill or absent with good cause.

Anita Putt, Sue Kenny and Jennifer Townsend

Physical Education Department