From the Principal

25 October 2017

MHPS New Build Updates

Please see below a letter sent on, Tuesday 24 October 2017 on FlexiBuzz from Dr Alison M Harman, Principal, Mount Hawthorn Education Support Centre clarifying her support of the proposed building plans.

Please also see a copy of the landscaping plan. Funding to develop this exciting new addition to this school has been provided exclusively by the Department of Education.

It is important to note that to ensure these plans reflect the needs of our school community there has been extensive ongoing consultation with a range of stakeholders, including the P&C Grounds Committee, Department of Finance’s Building Management and Works, School Board and ongoing feedback from staff and parents. The proposed plans reflect the feedback of these groups.   In fact, the responses have been overwhelmingly supportive including opening up more opportunities for the children and families from the Education Support Centre to become more familiar with the main school environment and an exciting new play area for all students which will stimulate creativity and encourage development.

Dale Mackesey
Mount Hawthorn Primary School

Education Support Centre’s View on the New Building

Dear Parents and Carers

You may be aware that this morning fliers were distributed at the school gates by representatives from the Trees4Vincent lobby group. The fliers encourage school parents to sign a petition with the view of altering the placement of the new school building.

I was disappointed to read that information outlined in the flier was incorrect.

I am writing to provide clear, factual information and to keep you well-informed of the plans.

As Principal of the Education Support Centre (ESC) and member of the school board I have been actively involved in all stages of the proposed development and am fully supportive of the proposed plans. Through the Department of Finance’s Building Management and Works, a consultant was brought in to work with school representatives to ensure ours needs were met.

Benefits to the ESC of the new building will include a larger shared play area for students, easy access to toilets and a new toilet facility for our Kindergarten students with autism. This will further complement our partnership with the Primary school and promote even greater inclusivity.  The majority of parents from the ESC are generally very supportive of the plans.

I welcome these additions to our school which will cater for the increased number of enrolments and provide the best facilities for all students.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school.

Dr Alison M Harman, BSc, PhD, Grad Dip Ed
Mount Hawthorn Education Support Centre