A huge thank you to the many parents who have been involved in Science Week.

Dr Bruce Webber gave a fantastic presentation on Wednesday working with all the super scientists in Pre-primary to Year 6 to learn about ecosystems and biodiversity for  2017 ‘Future Earth’ National Science Week.

On Wednesday students in the junior block were able to interact with Shoni Lewis who is an Archaeologist to discover ” What is Archaeology” ,  and all the amazing things an Archaeologist does. Melanie Lewis-Russell Room 6, 10 & 12

Students at MHPS have engaged in activities with the experts from Woodside and parents Mark Watters  and Karine Evesque. They built a reservoir and explored how engineers and scientists work together to discover and mine natural resources such as water and gas. The students loved the experience and were so engaged. Melanie Lewis-Russell Year 1 Teacher

Pre-primary Terrariums

Science week starts this Friday for Year 2 and 4 classes with in-class visits from Woodside. Parents Karine Evesque and Mark Watters will be presenting and inspiring our young STEAMists.

The theme this year is “Future Earth” and on Monday, 14 August students will be bringing to class their marvellous creations from our STEAM challenge, which was to create a re-useable item from what would normally be rubbish.

The inspiration continues on Wednesday with a whole school assembly, hosted by our parent and SIS (CSIRO Scientist In Schools) scientist Dr Bruce Webber. The Future Earth theme will be presented through an ecosystem developing before their eyes.

On Friday some of our Year 5’s will look at the Earth from Space, participating in a webinar with 400 other schools and CSIRO Scientists; and a visit from a Federal MP to view the work our STEAMists have done.

All year levels have participated in STEAM learning, ensuring subjects are explicitly taught within a STEAM challenge.

Mount Hawthorn is very proud to be one of seventy Teacher Development Schools and on Monday, 14 August will be showcasing our work at a DoE Expo at the Crown.

A Sensational week ahead!