School Newsletter – 4 March 2015

IntermSwimming NL

For the last two weeks, the Years 3-6 students have been enjoying swimming lessons at Beatty Park Leisure Centre.
As well as an important life skill, swimming lessons prepare children for the Year 4-6 Faction Carnival, starting at 9:30am on Wednesday, 11th March, at Challenge Stadium.
Braithwaite won in 2014 and will be a strong contender in 2015, so jump in and swim for your faction! GO TEAMS!
The Sundowner was an amazing success and highlighted the sense of community within Mount Hawthorn. The very talented Katie and her ageing band kept us entertained and the bouncy castle was also a big hit.
My thanks to all the P&C members for their support and for losing most of the hair on their arms, after manning yet another BBQ. This band of loyal volunteers also committed to donating $25,000 to the school, which will be distributed throughout curriculum areas to buy valuable resources.
I need to recruit new volunteers this year to ensure that there is a succession plan for 2016. The majority of the P&C Executive Team has indicated this will be the time to step aside and allow other parents an opportunity to support the P&C. It would be great to see a few extra people at the next meeting, or you might want to give me a call to have a chat about the many ways you can support the school.
I have also met with class Liaison Parents and raised the idea of conducting a small fundraiser, such as a cake stall or raffle run by individual classes, to raise funds for resources linked to year levels, including play equipment or our tree replacement plan. Cakes would be sold at assemblies (labelled with ingredients) but importantly, not sold to students. We would have Student Leaders from Year 6 help on the days and classes would conduct the fundraiser at nominated assemblies.
We are planning to meet with parents of Year 5 students on Tuesday, 17 March at 6.30pm to discuss the latest about the program and the intended roll out in second semester.
The forms are out and hopefully sponsors are supporting the students by signing up for our first fundraiser for the year, which will support the English program with school and home readers and library and early childhood resources.
It would be great if the whole family can get behind the fundraiser and work on learning the words around the table, after dinner of course!
The school continues to enjoy a great reputation out in the community, with our students upholding the school values. Unfortunately this was not the case last Friday at Sadlier Park, when a few students wearing school uniforms threw large bricks, rocks and pieces of rubbish and wood over a member of the communities’ fence. The occupants had two trained police dogs in their backyard, which are extremely valuable.
I will be talking to all students next week about my expectations and would like parents to reinforce the message at home. It is great to see the parks full of families after school, however it is important to make sure adequate supervision is occurring at all times.
It has been a great start with the extended Kiss & Ride and parents displaying the courtesy and patience that reflect the values of the school. I ask all parents not to park on verges on surrounding streets.
One of our recent priorities, through our focus on the outdoor learning environment in the early years, was to provide some resourcing and items of interest to engage, stimulate and extend play experiences in the playground. We have sourced some recycled items like tubes and piping and purchased some sand toys and balance stilts that the children were able to use this week. We are still seeking some items like material scraps big enough to make capes and small, ribbons, trimmings and ‘dress ups’ to add to our collection. If you can assist please see Mrs Rock.
R2S sml
On Friday, 13 March students from more than 1500 schools across Australia will ride, scoot or skate to school as part of Ride 2 School Day.
Boys and girls, check your bikes and scooters, get your helmets on and ask Mum or Dad if you can be part of the Mount Hawthorn peloton and ride to school on the 13th.
We’ll have extra bike racks set up to store the overflow and gather you altogether for a photograph on the day.
If you have any questions, please ask Mr Gryta.
Footy Tipping is on at Mount Hawthorn Primary again. Details will be published in the next edition of the newsletter.

Net Set Go is on again. For information and to register see links below and return form to the box in the front office by 25 March 2015.

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